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異族亡魂 - Tonatiuh / 第五太陽紀 mp3 album

異族亡魂 - Tonatiuh / 第五太陽紀 mp3 album
Performer: 異族亡魂
Title: Tonatiuh / 第五太陽紀
Released: 2010
Style: Death Metal
Genre: Rock
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 417
MP3 size: 1486 mb
FLAC size: 1403 mb

陽或日是位於太陽系中心的恆星,它幾乎是熱電漿與磁場交織著的一個理想球體。其直徑大約是1,392,000(1. 392 106)公里,相當於地球直徑的109倍;質量大約是2 1030千克(地球的333,000倍),約佔太陽系總質量的99. 3萬)倍的月球質量。 从化學組成来看,太陽質量的大約四分之三是氫,剩下的幾乎都是氦,包括氧、碳、氖、鐵和其他的重元素質量少於2%。 太陽的恆星光譜分類為G型主序星(G2V)。雖然它以肉眼來看是白色的,但因為在可见光的頻譜中以黃綠色的部分最為強烈,從地球表面觀看時,大氣層的散射使天空成為藍色,所以它呈現黃色,因而被非正式地稱為 黃矮星 。 光譜分類標示中的G2表示其表面溫度大約是5778K(5505°C),V则表示太陽像其他大多數的恆星一樣,是一顆主序星,它的能量來自於氫融合成氦的核融合反應。太陽的核心每秒鐘聚变6.

The album feels too ambitious, directionless, and totally overwhelming. Even the lyrics vary from Chinese to English from song to song without any apparent reason. The tracks don’t really fit together, and this record has no clear guiding line apart from its genre categorization. Even the songs themselves have parts that don’t fit together. We get sudden breaks in some tracks, and one thinks for sure that a new song has started, but according to the track labels, it’s still the same song, but has completely changed

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1 Revenge War
2 入侵 崩壞
3 81025
4 鎮魂
5 Ice
6 Melting
7 The Lock
9 戰洪
10 In Darkness


Melodic Death Metal band from Taiwan
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